Because LLC

Because you need deep technical thinking. Because you need pragmatic solutions. Because we can help.


Why is data so hard to analyze? Why can't we answer questions more quickly? Why should I care about open data access?

Why should you talk to Because? Because we can help you answer these questions.

Pragmatic solutions

We have over twenty-five years of experience helping organizations like yours take data-based planning seriously.

Whether you’re looking for help solving tough technical problems in transportation planning, growth management, or modeling and forecasting, we’ve probably seen it before and can deliver.

The team at Because LLC helped agencies in San Francisco and Seattle embrace modernity. We can help yours, too.

Data management, data visualization, data dissemination

Datasets just keep getting bigger. The old fileserver-based workflow is giving way to one embracing databases, scripting, data warehouses, and team-based file sharing sites. We love building dashboards that can help understand or debug your data.

  • Our specialty is scripting analysis workflows using free, open-source technologies including Leaflet, R/Shiny and several Python-based visualization packages
  • We can also help with commercial options including CityPhi and ArcGIS.

If you’re looking to open up your data to the world—or if you need some coaxing to learn why it’s so important to do so—our experience implementing data APIs can help.

Data Team "Change Agent"

Organizational change isn’t hard if leadership is willing to publicly commit to it. We can help you identify the crucial stakeholders, their key needs, and deliver for them.

Our experience with workflow management techniques including Kanban and Agile has shown that it’s possible to increase team cohesiveness and accountability, while radically improving delivery, too. Your customers won’t believe the difference.

  • Advocate for an inclusive, bottoms-up approach to team management
  • Identify bottlenecks and determine ways to break them

Skills Development

We’ve pioneered the use of the latest teaching methods from Software Carpentry to supercharge smart teams hamstrung by outdated skills.

Credentialed instructors have taught basic “lab skills for data analytics” at the University of Washington and at the Transportation Research Board innovations conference in Denver, Colorado.